Highlights from the 2017 Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival

The Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival kicked things off with BBQ Showdown on Thursday, March 30, 2017, at W.R. Watt Arena. As festival-goers entered the arena the smell of smoked meats and anticipation was in the air. Ultimately, Heim Barbeque took home the big prize for best barbeque.

The longest line of the night led to Lockhart Smokehouse, where they were carving off of tantalizing tomahawk ribs. Kreuz Market, at a table nearby, served up some amazing sausage, in original (with just a hint of spice) or jalapeno cheddar, which was my favorite. The delicate texture of their sausage was on point, and their crunchy bread and butter pickles were addictive. Angelo’s ribs were also a stand-out item, tender and understated as ever.

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