Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival: Day 2 (Main Event + Desserts After Dark)

I’ve been to a few of the Main Events at the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, and I know what to expect now. Namely, so many different types of wine that if you try to taste all of it, you’ll get bombed even if you spit out all the wine. I usually never find dessert wines at this event (and I’m looking, because dessert wine is my thing), but I was pleasantly surprised to find Lange Twins’ MVP Dessert Wine. The vineyard compares it to a ruby port, but I found it having the creaminess and lightness of a tawny port. It’s certainly priced accordingly. As per usual, the area outside the Pier 1 Tower was devoted to beer, cider, and hard liquor, and I found Seersucker Southern Style Gin handing out some cocktails. I wouldn’t have figured that gin would be my drink, but worked into a cherry limeade flavored with mint, it lent a pleasing earthy undertone to a highly drinkable beverage. Oh, and I heard Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss’ “Whiskey Lullaby” playing in the Maker’s Mark tent. That’s a strange choice, to say the least.

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