Burgers, Brews + Food Coma

I think I went a little burger mad over the weekend. Maybe I’m iron deficient. Maybe it’s because I spend too much time eating at places with different sized forks and pinky-out décor. But once I got a taste of the smorgasbord of meat at the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival’s Burgers, Brews + Blues on Saturday, I kind of went feral.

The meatgasm held at Heart of the Ranch at Clearfork (500 Clearkfork Main St, 817-999-9791) was the penultimate event of the four-day festival. There were 12 different burgers on offer, 22 craft beers, and live music all day and night.

The day after the meat orgy, I woke up in the middle of Forest Park wearing only a cow-skin toga and a necklace of pig snouts. Sometimes I go overboard.

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